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We are getting married in a family way and she is my cousin. In this case, what kind of gift can be given to him on the night of wedding, please tell me a little?

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What should be given as a gift to the wife on the night of wedding(for Muslims)

To keep the night of remembrance blessed, the love of Allah, the love of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and the deen always strive to establish the deen. Quran to do, a tasbih to read tasbihat, some women's books, especially ahkamun nisa.

In all these cases, it depends on the choice of the "groom". I have seen many people give a "ring" as a gift and it is considered as a personal gift of the "groom".

Gold ring can be given. But, since you have asked for an opinion on this matter, I congratulate your personal opinion on this matter !!! From there, you can give wedding at night, a "diamond ring".

However, whatever you give as a gift, be sure to give it to the "wife" on the night of Basar. Towards the "wife", your love will remain intact throughout your life.


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